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    Ravnica II
    [ Download from this server (528.5 Kb) ] 2016-12-25, 9:58 PM

    Map size: 400x400
    Number of players: 6


    Original map was made by EaglePrince's Mother (Hah!) and polished by Awerlord.

    I did not made original map, I simply took it and filled with a lot of love. biggrin Finally, I can rest knowing that after 10 months of waiting, this map will finally see the light, so people can enjoy it just as much as I did making it and playing it.

    Hope you have fun playing in it, enjoy!

    RavnicaII - Six lords who are separated by a long river, used to live in peace. As their power grew, so did their jealousy and greed. Now driven by the lust for blood and lands, the conflict for the region began!

    Category: Stronghold Medieval England: skirmish maps | Added by: Awerlordsocial
    Views: 1834 | Downloads: 280 | Comments: 3 | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 3
    1 EaglePrince • 10:24 PM, 2016-12-25
    Wow, this looks amazing! Thanks for giving those final touches to the map, now it looks so good that I am going to remove the original map which looks blanks compared to this one. You took care about a lot of details here, I really like it! smile
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    2 campusworldedu • 10:42 AM, 2017-02-07
    Thanks for the map! But I have question: how to use this map in game, I downloaded the map, placed in a folder stronghold/maps, select the map in the game, but the map does not start and gives me errors sad
    3 EaglePrince • 10:46 AM, 2017-02-07
    This isn't map for Stronghold. This is a map for Stronghold Medieval England, which is Stronghold Crusader mod that makes Stronghold Crusader look like Stronghold.
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