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  • Main » 2014 » July » 18 » Stronghold Europe HD
    1:07 PM
    Stronghold Europe HD


    Stronghold Europe gets a new update.

    • Stronghold Europe is compatible with Stronghold Crusader Warchest HD.
    • Open Source Code from Stronghold Europe for Modder.
    • Extras for Stronghold Fans. Music from the Castle Metal Band "The Hand".

    Stronghold Medieval England download link

    English patch by KaiserJonas
    Stronghold Medieval England: English patch (download from this website)

    Pictures from the HD version.
    Click on the picture, to visit Stronghold Europe album, to see in in greater resolution.

    by Lord Lowenherz

    Views: 12472 | Added by: EaglePrince | Rating: 5.0/1
    Total comments: 141 2 »
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    1 coolpersonthelikeskoolaid • 7:44 AM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    Is it just me, or are the links broken?
    2 EaglePrince • 9:02 AM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    It seems to me as well. Thanks for letting me know, I will upload it to dropbox right away, you will be able to download it in few hours. smile
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    3 QAYWSX • 2:45 PM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    can you reupload mod again?? links are down
    4 EaglePrince • 2:47 PM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    The mod is being uploaded to dropbox right now. smile
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    5 QAYWSX • 4:36 PM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    Can you please notify us when upload is complete?? Those links above are still dead..
    6 EaglePrince • 4:44 PM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    Certanly. smile
    7 EaglePrince • 6:04 PM, 2015-09-27 [Entry]
    Stronghold Medieval England (aka Europe) HD has been uploaded, and I have updated the links. Thank you both for letting me know about the issue.

    Also, if any of you have some nice maps made for Stronghold Medieval England, I envite you to submit them into our Stronghold Medieval England maps section.

    Besides that, if anyone would like to play Stronghold Medieval England in multiplayer he can ask others here, or at Stronghold Heaven, to participate in such a game. I admit, it would basicly be the same as playing Stronghold Crusader, but you would be playing it in this European enviroment.

    Kind regards!
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    8 coolpersonthelikeskoolaid • 3:31 AM, 2015-09-28 [Entry]
    Thanks for fixing it, outstanding mod
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    9 katsuyori2 • 7:37 PM, 2016-02-25 [Entry]
    Keep it up buddy. This is truly amazing!
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    10 naurismucenieks • 12:26 PM, 2016-04-25 [Entry]
    hi! don't know if this is still alive, but i wanted to inform you, that when i select the knight, the one on a horse, my game crashes.
    i thought at first it's a texture fault, or something, switched out to original crusader animation files, but alas - seems theres a faulty line of code or something, maybe sounds missing, i dont know.
    anyone else had this issue?
    also, im running the mod on GOG version, with the englush patch.

    and good job guys!
    i love the idea!
    1-10 11-14
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