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  • Stronghold Europe is a Stronghold Crusader mod made by Teutonen Ritter, also known as Lord Lowenherz, with permission from Firefly. With this mod, you may play Stronghold Crusader in Stronghold 1 environment. Walls, towers, building, almost all looks just like in Stronghold 1. What is more, you may download Stronghold Europe mod, and install it without overwriting any Stronghold Crusader files, so your Stronghold Crusader game will stay intact!

    This mod is available in English - to install it, you need to download German version first, and then English text and sound for Stronghold Europe. After you extract all files for German version, and copy them into your Stronghold Crusader folder, you can do the same with English text and sound for Stronghold Europe you downloaded later, and copy it into Stronghold Crusader folder as well, this overwriting files in German with those in English language.

    This is where you can find Stronghold Europe for download.

    If you would like to have some more maps, take a look at our downloads section.

    Also, if you create some maps for Stronghold Europe, we would be grateful if you uploaded your maps there as well.

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